The Art of Code Enforcement

“The Art of Code Enforcement” Now Available for Purchase

Martin Collins, retired Commissioner with the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has written a book entitled “The Art of Code Enforcement.”   To our knowledge there has never been a book written on code enforcement.  This book is good for the rookie code enforcement officer as well as those of us who have been in the business a long time. Many of you know Marty Collins and know that his credentials more than meet what is required to take on a project such as this.  Marty was right when he said no one that he has ever known has said they wanted to be a code enforcement officer when they grow up!  We’ve all entered this field from different backgrounds. This book is for those who are in the field of code enforcement and would like to know more about it. To get your copy of “The Art of Code Enforcement” click on the link below.  For $9.99 you will have a wealth of information at your fingertips and help AACE at the same time as Mr. Collins is donating all proceeds from this book to AACE.   More will be written about “the Art of Code Enforcement” in the upcoming AACE New Perspective.