April will be National Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Month

The IACE Board is very excited about plans ahead in 2013. It is with great excitement, after a lot of work by our 1st Vice President Laure Rouse-DeVore, we announce that, Illinois State Governor, Pat Quinn, has signed a proclamation in honor of our 20th Anniversary, that recognizes Code Enforcement Officers all across the State of Illinois, and honors us by proclaiming April 2013, “National Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Month” in the State of Illinois!!!  This will set a platform for Code Enforcement Officers across the State of Illinois to be recognized by their local municipalities, mayors, and city councils.  At the April 10th quarterly meeting, we will be presenting this information and the proclamation to the membership. We encourage you to meet with your local municipalities to institute a similar proclamation. Also included is information and a sample proclamation. Participating in this process brings increased awareness of our profession and recognition of the importance your role is within communities and municipalities of the State of Illinois. Our desire is to have each and every one of you recognized locally in your communities for the exemplary job you do. If you have any questions regarding the proclamation, please call 1st VP Laura Rouse-DeVore at 630-896-8080, x1222