URGENT MESSAGE FROM SHANDY HEIL, CFMOn behalf of the USVI DPNR Building Department, we would like to request another all-call to ICC membership for the ongoing EMAC mission. DPNR’s highest priority is plans examiners, but building and electrical inspectors are still needed during this phase (3/1/18-3/31/18). You can find the revised EMAC request attached, which will provide additional information about the request.  Notice the EMAC mission has been extended in USVI to the end of May, 2018.  For more information click HERE.

OPPOSE HB 4247 – RESTRICT EDUCATION & TRAINING MEETINGS ATTENDED BY STATE EMPLOYEES--HB 4247 would restrict state agencies from participating in safety training, public health and medical training.  Public health departments and well as building departments, work together through professional associations to hold training and educational sessions for their members.  Many state employees are required by law to maintain specific certifications by attending continuing education meetings related to their profession (like plumbing inspectors and they go to continuing ed sessions sponsored by non-profits such as the IL Plumbing Inspectors Association) yet HB 4247 would make the employee pay out of pocket to attend this training.  For a more complete overview click HERE



In light of our recent membership request regarding information about regulation and treatment of "Little Free Libraries", I thought this new story may be of interest:

Kansas City shuts down boy's "Little Free Library"

IACE has a strong presence at the ICC Code Hearings


IACE made a resonant impression on the national level during the week of the ICC Group B Code Change Hearings in Dallas, Texas.  IACE 1st Vice President, Laura Rouse-DeVore was able to testify in opposition of eight of the proposed changes to the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code on IACE’s behalf.  IACE was also represented by Tim Spear from the City of Champaign who served on t

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IACE Supports SBOC with a Annual Training Institute Code Enforcement Day


The upcoming Suburban Building Officials Conference will be hosting a Code Enforcement Day as part of their month-long Annual Training Institute in March. Linda Pieczynski will discuss Foreclosures and Distressed Properties on March 22. As always, lunch is included in the price of admission and morning breaks will include juice, coffee, fruit, pastries, donuts and bagels.

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The Art of Code Enforcement


“The Art of Code Enforcement” Now Available for Purchase

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